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Carlo Levi and Roma. The Breath Of The City

[ 27 February 2008 - 15 June 2008 ]
Opening: 09:00-19:00
Closed: Monday
Price: €5 - €9

The “Casino dei Principi” in Villa Torlonia, is hosting an exhibition that depicts the relationship that Levi had with Rome by comparing his work to that of artists from the Roman School.
A total of 46 paintings done by Carlo Levi between 1926 and 1954 will be on display along with 28 paintings done by various artists from the Roman School including Pirandello, Mafai, Scipione, Trombadori, Afro, Ferrazzi, Scialoja, Melli and Capogrossi and the exhibition is designed to show the work of this artist and intellectual from Turin in a completely new light.
It begins with the work he completed before 1930, the period in which Levi found himself included in the short-lived group of 6 artists known as the “Turin Six”, and it goes on to compare his paintings from the30s and 40s with those of artists he met in Rome during that time.

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