Familiar B&B in Rome: what better accommodation for a relaxing stay in the heart of Rome?

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There's no other place like Rome: the rich and deep history, the multiple cultures and religions one overlaid on top of the other, sometimes literally – visitors often claim they can feel the history beneath their shoes as they walk the cobbled alleyways and steps that wind through the Seven Hills.

A perfect Roman holiday will always include the major museums and monuments in the area, but there are just so many it's difficult to choose between them.

Rome is so magnificent that it can be overwhelming. Giornate Romane wants to be a small, intimate retreat after a long day in Rome. Within few minutes from the heart of Rome, with all the wonders and artistic delights that the city offers, the B&B Giornate Romane provides a quiet and relaxing stay. The atmosphere at Giornate Romane is of cordiality and availability; we are at complete disposal to  suggest you the best restaurants and tourist itineraries, and help you for whatever you need!